søndag den 20. august 2017

Strategic online marketing

Strategic online marketing professional with expertise in value-creating relationships between brands and users. Keeping abreast of change, constantly innovating and having ROI at the focal point of all strategies. 

Today I hold a broad background in general management, online business strategies, and marketing, combined with a strong managerial understanding of how to grow and manage businesses under competitive conditions. 

All my initiatives are based upon strong customer-orientation and a continuous focus on performance. Specialties: SEO, Usability, SEO Analysis, SEO Projects, Linkbuilding, Technical SEO reviews. SEO Kickoff ( Workshop ), International SEO Business: 

Development projects and process optimization. Marketing KPI's. 

  • Analysis: Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Management: Team leadership (situational leadership, change management) and management in general. 
  • Marketing: brand positioning, optimization- and negotiation, campaigns, and the development / monitoring of marketing KPIs. Extensive experience across online media and channels B2B/B2C. 
  • Marketing disciplines: Owned media, Usability, digital, content marketing, SEO, e-Commerce, activation, PR, Influencer marketing, Social Marketing etc.

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